Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Kubra's Style Part I

Remember Busra, the lovely bride from our previous post CLICK. Many of you asked us if we could post a picture of her showing her gown completely.

In the next two posts we bring you Busra's gorgeous wedding pictures as well as her lovely sister Kubra's style...

The bride and the Maid of honor. Two lovely hijabis who are sisters and best friends who are always there for each other.

But first meet the main character of our story:

Enter a fashionable hijabi named Kubra,

who lives in a beautiful city called Istanbul.

Kubra is a very sweet girl who loves dessert.

Since she is Turkish she also loves yogurt :-)

Kubra is a free spirit who enjoys traveling.

Everywhere she goes, everywhere she looks, she likes to observe her Lord's beautiful creations, and give thanks.

Although it seems like Kubra spends a lot of time eating and traveling, that is not the case :-) She is a professional who works in a quite hectic office. She often has to attend meetings. She will spend the day working and spend her evenings and weekends with her beloved friends.

On her way to the office, while waiting for her chauffeur she admires the beautiful flowers her Lord has created.

She looks at the sky, taking it all in!

She thanks Allah SWT for blessing her with a life in this beautiful city. Her life is even more beautiful with the ones she cares about.

As a fashionable hijabi, Kubra chooses her outfits based on her daily schedule. She loves wearing neutrals as well as bright colors. She mostly sticks to solids, but often mixes different tones for a unique look.

She has an important event coming up! Her sister Busra's wedding. As the maid of honor, she needs an outfit that is a little extra ordinary. However, this outfit still needs to be appropriate for her silhouette, her age, and should be something that she can wear again at other events.

"With time passing so quickly, I have to decide on what I'm going to wear," she panics.

After hours of deciding on a design, searching for fabric, and lots of contemplating, her outfit is finally complete.

"I'm so happy! My dream outfit came true!" she says.

To see the "dreamy" outfit, and Kubra's stunning look, stay tuned for Part II!

You can follow Kubra and her style on twitter @kubrabayraktar

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