Monday, July 18, 2011

Even more beautiful as a Bride!

I wanted to share with you a picture of a beautiful hijabi on her wedding day. However, before I share this picture I would also like to share with you a concern that I've had many times. 

I know lots of beautiful hijabis. Whenever I find out that someone I know is engaged and is going to get married, all I can think about is 'Is she going to take off her hijab on her wedding day?'. You all know what I'm talking about, right? Imagine a typical Indo/Pak or Arab wedding where the hijabi decides to take off her hijab just for that particular day! (my heart sinks, tummy feels sick!)

We (HijabiTopia) friends have always discussed this with such horror.

'Did you hear, ______ is getting married!'

'OMG! I wonder if she's going to be a hijabi bride?'

Some girls I know take it off because of family pressures. The mother says, 'But this is the most important day of your life! You can't wear it on that day!'

The mother in law says 'Well, if you're going to wear make up on your wedding day, that's so wrong! How can you be a hijabi with make-up on, just take it off!'

The future hubby says 'Can you take it off because you'll look prettier without it. It's just one day, what's the big deal?'.

Feeling sick yet?

I personally think that there is nothing worse then a girl taking off their hijab on their wedding day and then putting it on the next day. Who are you fooling?

And I personally think there is nothing more beautiful then a hijabi bride with her beautiful veil draping over her shoulders. A wedding gown is supposed to be elaborate, with luxurious fabric, exquisite embroidery, a long veil and even a train. It's supposed to be elegant and classy. Not 'I decided to forget my faith and everything I believe in for a single day, what's the big deal?!'

Enough said. If you are a bride who is debating this issue, please do what's right! Once a Hijabi Always a Hijabi!  Remember, you're doing this for Allah (swt) and He is all that matters.

Meet Busra (pronounced Bushra) a stunning hijabi bride. She looks absolutely amazing! Elegant, stylish and completely covered. She is even more beautiful as a Bride....

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  1. Mashallah! Amazing. She looks beautiful. I love your blog and all of your efforts!

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