Friday, July 29, 2011

Snow White

Dear HijabiTopia Friends,

I wanted to share a cute story with you.  Ever since I arrived in Dallas, the Texas heat has me meltinggg....Well, almost. The temperature has been between 105 degrees to 115 degrees Farenheit! Everytime I step outside, I think, "Elhamdulillah, I wear hijab, otherwise heat may just go through my head and make me faint."  But, this is not the story.

The funny story begins when my friend and I decided to do some shopping at the mall. As I was looking at  some of the clothes I glance at the entrance and I see two parents and their daughter walk in. I continue to look around the store. But then, I notice this little girl (probably around the age 4 or 5) run in my direction. Puzzled, I look around me to  see who she is running toward.  I look around, see no one else nearby, and realize she's heading toward me!   She stopped just one foot short of me, stopped to catch her breath, looked up, pointed at me, and said, "I KNOW YOU!" Before I could respond she continued, "I KNOW YOU, I SAW YOU IN THE MOVIE. YOU'RE SNOW-WHITE!" My surprised expression immediately turns to a big smile and in a flattered way I say, "Really? Do I look like Snow White?" And the little girl in a very assured tone said, "YES, YOU ARE SNOW WHITE! YOU'RE WEARING THE SAME THING IN THE MOVIE (pointing at my white hijab)

I recounted two blessings that day. One is that I love wearing hijab because it is a duty to ALLAH. Secondly, thank God for little kids that are so innocent, sweet and imaginative :) 

Wishing you all a blessed Ramadan that is very near. May ALLAH grant everyone the best rewards in this world and in the hereafter. Salaams!

Fatima for HijabiTopia  

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Hopefully, you're not tired of my sale posts yet. But if you're like me, there's nothing better than a really good sale. has a great sale on contemporary women's clothing. Click here to visit the sale. Enter the code BFASHION to receive an extra 20% off the already reduced prices!

I bought the above jacket because I thought it would be cute paired with a maxi skirt and a long sequined tank underneath. I just received my jacket and it is a nice lightweight cotton, perfect for summers. The sleeves are convertible and can be made long, which is totally hijab-friendly :-).

Also, all orders are shipped free if you spend at least $25.

Now for the icing on top of the cake: ANYTHING you order is eligible for FREE returns! So you don't lose anything if you buy, try , and dislike. DOUBLE PLUS! :)

If only I could figure out how to get commission for advertising sales...hehehe!

Nazreen Hassan for HijabiTopia

Monday, July 18, 2011

Even more beautiful as a Bride!

I wanted to share with you a picture of a beautiful hijabi on her wedding day. However, before I share this picture I would also like to share with you a concern that I've had many times. 

I know lots of beautiful hijabis. Whenever I find out that someone I know is engaged and is going to get married, all I can think about is 'Is she going to take off her hijab on her wedding day?'. You all know what I'm talking about, right? Imagine a typical Indo/Pak or Arab wedding where the hijabi decides to take off her hijab just for that particular day! (my heart sinks, tummy feels sick!)

We (HijabiTopia) friends have always discussed this with such horror.

'Did you hear, ______ is getting married!'

'OMG! I wonder if she's going to be a hijabi bride?'

Some girls I know take it off because of family pressures. The mother says, 'But this is the most important day of your life! You can't wear it on that day!'

The mother in law says 'Well, if you're going to wear make up on your wedding day, that's so wrong! How can you be a hijabi with make-up on, just take it off!'

The future hubby says 'Can you take it off because you'll look prettier without it. It's just one day, what's the big deal?'.

Feeling sick yet?

I personally think that there is nothing worse then a girl taking off their hijab on their wedding day and then putting it on the next day. Who are you fooling?

And I personally think there is nothing more beautiful then a hijabi bride with her beautiful veil draping over her shoulders. A wedding gown is supposed to be elaborate, with luxurious fabric, exquisite embroidery, a long veil and even a train. It's supposed to be elegant and classy. Not 'I decided to forget my faith and everything I believe in for a single day, what's the big deal?!'

Enough said. If you are a bride who is debating this issue, please do what's right! Once a Hijabi Always a Hijabi!  Remember, you're doing this for Allah (swt) and He is all that matters.

Meet Busra (pronounced Bushra) a stunning hijabi bride. She looks absolutely amazing! Elegant, stylish and completely covered. She is even more beautiful as a Bride....

Saturday, July 16, 2011

LET US Project to FALL 2012 and Take a Glimpse at Rick Owen's Collection


Fatima for Hijabitopia

Friday, July 1, 2011

Our interview with Associated Press in Turkey

We were recently interviewed about KAVAKCI COUTURE by the Associated Press in Turkey. Here are some pictures from that interview and the link to the actual interviews for our Turkish Readers.

All pictures belong to AA and the outfit is a KAVAKCI COUTURE design.

Anadolu Ajansıyla yaptığımız Türkçe röpörtajın resimleri ve linkleri aşşagıda. Bütün resimler Anadolu Ajansına aittir. Kıyafet KAVAKCI COUTURE tasarımıdır.