Wednesday, June 1, 2011


It's wonderful that maxi dresses are in style this summer. It's a blessing to be able to wear a nice long flowy dress. However, it's also a bit difficult to hijabify it. Most stores carry the ones with thin spaghetti straps and those are much harder to hijabify than maxis that provide a bit more coverage in the shoulder and neck area.

Some key points you might want to consider when trying out this look:

1.) Choose a maxi dress that provides the most coverage possible.

2.) If you choose to wear a long sleeve t-shirt or turtleneck under it, pick a color that is closest to the dress, or that compliments it.

3.) Make sure it's the right size. Sometimes the proportions of a maxi dress are made a bit awkward. When you try it on make sure the dress is aligned with the right body part. (you don't want the bust area to be down by the waist, or the hip area where the thighs are)

4.) Always wear heels with a maxi. A long dress tends to make women look shorter. If you're average height and don't use heels you will get lost in the dress. But if you wear heels, you will float like a butterfly :-)

Here are some gorgeous examples.



Note: The models were dressed in a computer program where hijab options are limited. Unfortunately, this program does not carry our designer comfijab. We realize some of her neck/ears and hair is showing. Please don't think that we are trying to make everyone show their neck, or dress in a certain way. Make your own decisions wisely!

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