Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A Royal Fairytale

Love was in the air this weekend, as the whole world watched  Princess Kate and Prince William take their vows. But more importantly, it was all about THE DRESS! There were so many speculations for months. Who was going to design her dress? What was it going to look like?

Most of us expected something traditional to suit a princess. And the rest of us wished she dared to come out in something a bit more outrageous. I imagined her in a hot pink punk style dress. I would have loved to see the Queen's face! LOL! That was probably wishful thinking.

Kate's excuse for keeping the designer undercover was the fact that she didn't want William to know! (Like we bought that excuse. :-)

Anyhow, we all had our guesses with the designers. I was among many who guessed it would be an Alexander McQueen dress. After all, it's a world full of amazing designers but to me 3 names topped the list. First being Marc Jacobs, the American designer. Second being Karl Lagerfeld, the French designer.  And the third being Alexander McQueen, the British designer. Although, Marc Jacobs is the King of Fashion, for some reason, I couldn't see him designing a wedding dress. I could see a Chanel wedding dress. However, Alexander McQueen made the most sense--the best match for  British Royalty.

Now here comes the fun part. The night before the big day, Sarah Burton, head designer for Alexander McQueen, arrived at the hotel where Kate was staying. She supposedly was undercover. But she couldn't fool anyone! This is the funny part that I absolutely don't get. Sarah Burton arrived in front of the hotel, and walked out of the car wearing a fur hat that supposedly covered her face.

I would think, that if someone was trying to hide, they would

1. not arrive where the paparazzi is waiting along with a huge crowd

2. use a back road, or a back entrance

3. wear something that completely provides ambiguity, like a costume, or a burka or something other than a fur hat!

When Sarah Burton came out of the car, she was easy to identify due to her signature belt and shoes. As plain as she dressed, it was quite simple for those who know her style to figure out she was the designer for the dress, hence her arrival at the hotel.


We all loved the dress. Kate Middleton looked elegant. It was indeed timeless elegance. The traditional cut, the sweetheart neckline, the corset bodice, the use of lace, the modesty of the dress, and the humble train was a fresh take on the Princess of the century.

What I admired most about her look was that everything was so simple, and looked effortless. Yet was still exquisite.

I was expecting a much longer train. Her train was only 8 feet long, half-a-foot longer then my cathedral-train wedding gown. After all, maybe Kate took a commoner approach to her first steps in to her fairytale royal lifestyle.

McQueen's Style Questioned

Sarah Burton who took over the McQueen design house after his death has tried to capture McQueen's signature in the collections she has designed for the label.  For her first collection, even Sarah herself admitted how hard it was to fill such an amazing designer's shoes. Interestingly, even though Burton designed the dress, there was no sense of McQueen, or Burton in the final product. Most people can usually tell the designer of a dress by just looking at it, because they see the designers signature in it. When we see a McQueen dress, we can point it miles away!

Grace Kelley's Style Revisited 

Kate's dress did have a distinct resemblance to Grace Kelly's wedding gown.

We're assuming that Kate Middleton clearly had a role in the design process of her dress. She might have told Sarah Burton that she wanted a look similar to Grace Kelley's wedding dress and from there Sarah Burton produced Kate's version of the wedding dress.

The whole world fell in love with Kate because of her simple elegance. Style is about making a big statement with little effort. Less is always more.

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