Friday, May 13, 2011

Chanel Cruise 2012

Imagine going on a cruise...

Far away from the stress of work...

The warmth of the sun on your face...

Feeling relaxed and comfortable while still looking your best.

Most people who use the words vacation and fashion in the same sentence would only mention swimsuits, pareos (wraps), sunglasses, and flip flops. Those aren't the only items Chanel takes to a deserted island.  Well, all that plus sunblock. :-)

When Chanel meets Titanic and lands on a dreamy destination, it does it with demure.

This year the collection pallet consists of  blacks and whites, creams, yellows, lavenders, and flower patterns. The colors might sound ordinary, but this collection is nothing but exquisite. From palazzo pants and pencil skirts, to pleated dresses and chiffon gowns, the pieces are adorned with pearl edges, floral embroidery or sparkling crystals.

"Well, what about flip flops?" you ask. No one can imagine going on vacation without a pair of flip flops. When Chanel hits the beach, flip flops become "tango thongs" :  mid-heel open-toe pumps. 



As we've shared in our STYLE TIPS in an earlier post, it's best to wear solid colors. We've also mentioned that keeping the same color scheme from head to toe is much more elegant than mixing lots of colors together. We strongly feel that "less is more" and that minimalism in an outfit is the key.

Chanel's collection is just more proof that we are right on track :-)

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