Monday, April 18, 2011

Style Tips for Upcoming Graduates!

Rabia Rafi and Nazreen Hassan modeling the Graduation Comfijabs
Photograph by Queens Image

I love this time of year. It's always so full of excitement! At KAVAKCI COUTURE we have been so busy with graduation comfijab orders that I thought this would be a great time to do a post on style tips for all you soon-to-be graduates!

First of all, I think it's such a priviledge for a hijabi to walk across the stage proudly having completed many years of studying and to finally get her diploma. As I've discussed on the blog before, many girls who wear hijab in other countries, unfortunately are unable to receive an education. It's a luxury to most girls!

Having said that, it makes me twice as happy to see a beautiful hijabi graduating. No matter who it is, I'm always feel tears of joy as if I'm the one who is graduating :-).

I want all the hijabis to look their best on their special day. And I feel that it's my duty as an Islamic fashion designer, to help all girls who need some style advice.

In most schools I know, there is often only a single hijabi graduate. In some schools there are more than one. A hijabi because she is "visibly Muslim" represents Islam. At a graduation ceremony, she is in the spotlight in front of a big crowd representing Islam. We live in a world where a book is unfortunately judged by it's cover! And therefore, I beg all you graduates to please please PLEASE follow these guidelines in order to look your best.

You might think I'm exaggerating or being a bit too bossy, however, if you had seen what I have seen out there you would totally agree with my tips.


The expected graduation outfit to be worn inside a cap and gown is usually a sundress. That's what most schools will tell you that you need to wear. It varies between schools, from high school to university across the country. However, this often is a problem for hijabis.

Most of your friends will plan on wearing a sundress, or a skirt and top, an outfit that is kind of hidden under the cap and gown, but then will pop out as soon as the ceremony is over.

Depending on the color of your cap and gown, you need to pick an outfit that compliments your cap and gown.

Let's get something straight first! The cap and gown was invented to be worn throughout the ceremony as well as before and after. After many years of major hard work you only have a few hours to cherish all those years.

A lot of girls will just think of the cap and gown as something they will only wear across the stage and for a few pictures and something that kind of messes up their hijab and outfit, and will be really eager to take it off asap!

Most graduates also rent their gowns and will be required to turn them back in after the ceremony.

Here is my advice: you've waited so long to enjoy this moment. Pick an outfit that you can wear your cap with and keep it on for a few hours. This is the only time you can walk around with a cap, so take your time and make sure to have your cap on in all the pictures.

You can take pictures in a pretty dress with a pretty hijab style any day of your life! But this moment will never come back. So seize the day!

When you're picking out your outfit make sure it's something that will match your hijab and cap, and will provide a uniform look.

This is my suggestion, black always works with any color cap and gown. A black top and black slacks will look great. Make sure to wear kneehighs or hose with your heels. Sandals and open-toe shoes look really ugly under a gown and on stage. They belong with your summer dresses not a formal ceremony.

Another option is a white button-down shirt and black slacks or a black long skirt. Black and white never fails to impress! It's simple and to the point.

Nazreen is wearing a white comfijab with a white button down shirt
Rabia is wearing a black comfijab with a black top
Photograph by Queens Image
NEVER wear something that has prints that is sticking out of your gown. Since most gowns are not floor length, and your legs will be somehow showing, only wear solids!

Once you've picked your outfit, you need a matching scarf. If you do not have a comfijab you need to use a solid-colored scarf, without any patterns whatsoever!!! NO FLOWERS!!! NO PLAIDS!!! NO LINES!!! ABSOLUTELY SOLID!!!

It can be any material, I would suggest something satin, or polyester, I would definitley not recommend that you wear cotton. If you absolutely don't have any other hijab it's better then going hijabless however cotton looks cheap for a nice formal outfit. That's my honest opinion!


Phew! Now that you've done the hard part of picking out an outfit you are ready to put it on in the best way possible!

The gown is a piece of cake, cause you just put it on, zip it up and voila you're done.

However, the key to having the best hijab/graduation cap look is in how you wear it.

Follow these instructions to the dot and you will look amazing! Guaranteed!


1.) Hair Tips: The best way to fit all your hair and not make it look like it's trying to escape from underneath the cap is to either do a french braid, or to tie your hair in a pony tail that is lined with the top of your ears. The reason you need your hair to be at this height is because this is the perfect position to stabilize your cap once you pull it on. If the hair height is below or above it will not work as well. So once you've lined your pony tail at this height, you can braid the rest of the hair that's hanging down and tie it with another hair band at the bottom. So you basically have a braided pony tail.
This way your hair is pulled together but in a line and not poking out from places under the cap :-)

2.) Rectangle Scarf: If you have a rectangle  scarf, take your scarf and make both sides even and put it over your head right in the middle. So both sides have equal length of fabric hanging down. Now pull your hijab back (before you pin it) as if you were wanting to show a few inches of hair. Now pin your hijab at this spot. Yes your hair should be showing from the front but don't worry we will be covering it in the final step with the cap!
The reason you need to pull your hijab back is to not completely cover your cheeks. If you were to put it on the regular way it would not be inline with the cap and would stick out from the sides making your face look fatter then it is!

Now you can do one of 2 things with the extra pieces on the sides. You can either bring them over your shoulders and criss cross them and pin them in the back or without pinning bring them over your shoulders and just put your gown over it so that your hijab is completely tucked in.

3.) Square Scarf: Fold your solid square scarf to form a triangle. You don't want 2 equal size triangles, you want the inside one a bit smaller then the one facing you. Line up your hijab over your head to show approximately 2 inches of hair. Pull back and secure with a safety pin under the chin. Bring the extra sides to the back and either tie it in a knot or pin it and then put your gown over it so that it's tucked in.

4.) Cap Fitting: This is the MOST important part of your outfit.
The cap is supposed to be worn at mid forehead level! Most girls, who go and get their hair done, will not want their bangs to get messed up so they will place their cap on top of their head, in the same place where you would place a high bun! Then they will take hair pins to secure the cap. This is not the way it's supposed to be worn!

Your cap is supposed to be worn on the forehead.  About 1/2 inch above your eyebrows. As seen in the picture below

Photograph by Queens Image

Take your cap in your hands and line it up. There will usually be a sign or tag that says back ( yup, they put it on there so graduates don't get confused :-). Once you line it up, put it over your pony tail and it should fit right on and should feel really stable. Pull it down in a way that it covers the showing hair and comes just above your eyebrows!

Voila!!! Now you see how uniform your hijab and cap look right?! Doesn't it look like it's one piece? That's how you want it to look.

This is the only style you should wear with a cap. Not a shayla!!! Not anyother hijab style.

Last but not least, if you are a graduating hijabi, and you need help please email us at for any questions on how to look your best! I promise you we will answer each and every question. Or you can leave a comment here on the blog too! Whichever is easier.

I will not rest till I get those funny looking hijabi/graduation outfits off the stages! I want all of you to look your best. It's simple, even if you don't own a comfijab you can still look great, just follow our style tips.

Congratulations and enjoy your day!!!

Elif Kavakci for HijabiTopia


  1. WOW!!!!:) very helpful!! love the style, looking forward to my Convocation Day :) YAY!!! :):) JazakAllah Khair! :)

  2. Thank you for this post, very, very helpful. I do agree, we, hijabies, have to look our best in this special day.

    I received my comfijab about a week ago, and I did specifically order it for my graduation day. I wanted to try how it fit first, and I just loved it.

    To all of you KavakciCoture geniuses, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for this brilliant design. I wear mine almost every day now; I am afraid I will ruin it before the actual graduation day:) The Comfijab is so comfortable, easy to wear, and the best part very elegant:)

    I do recommend it to any hijabi woman out there, especially if you wanna look your best during graduation.

  3. Thanks for your help! I'm graduating later on today and I needed to know how to correctly put on the cap! :)