Friday, April 1, 2011

Cover Girl Fashion Show Suprise: Comfijab Give Away

Assalamu Alaikum DALLAS!!!

I hope everyone enjoyed the Cover Girl Fashion Show that took place on April 1,2011. Hope it was for real, an not an april fools joke :-).

Hope everyone liked the KAVAKCI COUTURE collections that were modeled at the show. I'm bumed that I wasn't able to make it! My New York schedule would not allow me to travel to Dallas. However, I know the show was a hit because all my HijabiTopia girls were there representin'.

Nicole Queen was the emcee. Mary Drennan and my dear friend Fatma were amongst the models to showcase my designs.

So, as Nicole announced at the event, HijabiTopia is doing it's first giveaway. Wahoooo!!! Let's hear it for HijabiTopia :-)!!!

Since I was not able to attend the show in person, I thought it would be a great way for me to participate in the event with our exclusive give away. What is the most practical, number one item that all of us wear and constantly talk about on the blog?! You guessed it! The Comfijab!

So we will be giving away a few Comfijabs to the Cover Girl audience.

Here are the rules of the giveaway:

1.) Subscribe to HijabiTopia, thru the options on the blog: facebook, google, twitter, etc.

2.) Leave a comment stating why you would want a comfijab and how you plan on wearing it.

3.) Include the password that Nicole announced at the show.

The giveaway ends on Friday April 8th at 11:00pm eastern time!

Good Luck! You are one step closer to winning a Comfijab.

This is our first give away and is exclusive to the Cover Girl Fashion show attendees in Dallas.

In a few weeks, all HijabiTopia readers will have a chance to win a Comfijab.

So if you already haven't done so, I suggest you subsribe to our blog NOW in order to get information about the give aways!

Lots of Love and Good luck!!!

Hope you're this lucky girl ----------->>>>>>

Elif Kavakci


  1. Salaam, First of all i loved the show, it was amazing and everyone looked gorgeous!!!
    I want comfijab becoz it looked seriously comfy...
    And last but not the least "Nicole announced the show" :-)

  2. How nice but too bad Australians can't enter.
    Love ur blog. Hos kanaliniz var.

  3. Salaam .. I really liked the designs .. and Comfijab is so convenient .. and comes in handy .. totally loved it!
    'Nicole announced in the show '

  4. Salaam!

    My name is sobia and I run the website I was at the Cover Girl fashion show covering all the hip and happening designers. I loved seeing all of your designs and will be mentioning you in my blog post covering the fashion show. The reason why I would want the comfijab is because it looked super CHICCCC WHILE BEING SUPER COMFY. It looks like someone put a lot of effort in making it look this nice but the fact that it looked comfy too was a added bonus point. Anyhow, I also want this comfijab because I do product reviews and this would be an amazing product to review on my website, because it will give everyone a real insight on what the hijab is really like.

    However, quite honestly I cannot remember the password---all i remember Nicole saying is that visit hijabitopia and mention that you attended the fashion show and get a chance to win some free stuff! Perhaps my mind was all over the place trying to cover all the information! Anyways, once again loved your work --- would love to talk to you in detail and do a feature post on you. Let me know what you think --- email at

  5. @nerdybooklovinggirl and @reveilingyourself we received your comments and you will be eligible for the drawing. Since you posted your email in your comments I didn't want to publish it for the whole world to see :-)
    Thanks for entering!

  6. Salam! I loved seeing your designs at the show. It's funny a few days before the show I was thinking that I want to order a Comfijab and I was lucky that you wanted to give some out. First choice is to have one for graduation in December 2011 inshallah and possibly wear with hats in winter. I also liked how a comfijab can be used with Nicole's hijab designs. Password: Nicole announced in the show

  7. As-Salaam Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatu..I would love a comfijab because I think they look very easy to wear, "comfi", and since I'm very much into hats right now, they are the perfect hat hijab..Easily dressed up or down, and yeah I would love to own one!!! The first place I'd wear it would be at the beach with a big sun hat!!:) "Nicole announced in the Show"

  8. Salam. I like comfijab because it is totally different from all kinds of hijab in my country. It is easy to wear and look comfortable. :D
    I would like to wear it when I go back to my country because my country is so hot. :D

  9. i'd wear it for running! Password: Nicole announced in the show

  10. Hi Ladies! Thank you all for participating, we will post the winner shortly!