Friday, March 11, 2011

Yaz Has Pizzazz

Do you remember the lovely YazTheSpaz from our previous posts CLICK and CLICK

We love her Hijab Style and her wonderful personality. She's beautiful, proud hijabi, and has so much positive energy Mashallah. Here is one of her most recent looks.

This outfit looks stunning because of several reasons. First of all eventhough Yaz picked a wildlife printed dress, she kept everything else solid. By using a black scarf she didn't overcrowd her look. However, by adding a touch of brown and gold on her forehead, she pulled the whole look together.

Close up with a friend

With her sister Aysun, who is rocking our royal blue Comfijab!

You can follow YazTheSpaz on her Youtube Channel here
On her facebook fan page here

On her blog here

And on twitter here

She sure has lots of links. That's because she's so popular ;-)


  1. I saw Yaz's video on the comfijabs, mashallah I think they're fabulous! I really want one to wear for my graduation this year! Where could I go to buy one and also find out how much it costs?

  2. Thanks!
    You can email for rates and shipping information.