Wednesday, March 30, 2011

SUPER HIJABI: Mahinur Ozdemir

 “I will work against unemployment and towards allowing the Hijab to be worn in the workplace and in schools. I would like to point out that with or without Hijab, my view of the problems in this country and finding solutions to them and helping others will be the same. I cover my hair, but not my ideas, and the Islamic headscarf will in no way be an obstacle to my political activity. It should not be a controversial issue and I would advise those criticizing the Hijab to do away with the injustice that obscures their vision. Efficiency alone is what matters, not the Hijab!”
Mahinur Ozdemir
MP, Brussels

In the previous post Hijabi Politics Fatima introduced all of you to Mahinur Ozdemir who is currently a Member of Brussels Parliament.

She is a Super Hijabi because she is a powerful role model to many young girls.

Mahinur was born and raised in Belgium. Her parents are of Turkish origin. She started wearing hijab at a very young age. 

Mahinur has a very impressive resume. She completed her undergraduate degree and masters at a very young age. She is fluent in several languages, and knows how to play the piano, and has taken voice lessons.

When she ran for parliament, and won the elections, she became an overnight celebrity and a constant target for the international media, especially the Turkish media.

Mahinur's first day in the parliament

The day she took her oath she remembers that the number of paparazzi in the parliament was twice the number of the parliamentarians.

Mahinur looking over at the fans and the paparazzi waiting for her to take her oath.

Mahinur taking her oath of office on June 24,2009.
She is the youngest Member of Parliament.
 Since her first day in office, Mahinur has worked relentlessly to serve her people. She is also like a bird that flies all over the world to attend meetings and conferences. Mahinur has received many awards for her outstanding work.

She has done thousands of interviews. She was recently feautured in the number one fashion magazine in Europe (it's also a very well known magazine in the US) for her iconic style.

During her visit to New York, I had the pleasure of spending sometime with this young intellect who has conquered the hearts of many. She is a smart, charming younglady, who knows how to take a stand for her cause. Her stamina, her determination and hard work won her a seat in the parliament.
Mahinur and I at Times Square
It was a cold, cold night, hence the red noses ;-)

We had a yummy breakfast at Le Pain Quotidien, a Belgian Cafe in Manhattan before Mahinur's flight.
Watch out for this Super Hijabi as she shapes the world of politics and the image of Muslim women in the public eye!

You can follow Mahinur on her Facebook Fan Page or on Twitter @Mahi_Nur.

Elif Kavakci for HijabiTopia


  1. MashaAllah True Inspiration!!! for all the young girls!! Hijab is definitely not a barrier for achieving success in any field! :)

  2. I never understood people who hate scarves worn on heads instead of necks lol.

  3. very very inspirational... I had heard of Mahinur Ozdemir but never knew the details. A great post. Thank you. Also, I have emailed Elif Kavakci at her kavakci Couture contact email (I couldnt find any other). I would appreciate if the message was passed on to her. Thanks! :)

  4. Thanks @edibe, we will reply to your message shortly inshallah.