Monday, March 28, 2011


Selams Everyone!

Here's a quick update from Washington D.C. Last night my mom, aunt, and I had dinner with a special friend and guest from Belgium, Mahinur Ozdemir. Mahinur Ozdemir a newly elected Belgium Member of Parliament, is the first hijabi woman elected to serve her country.

Over some delicious Nachos served with (natural blue corn tortilla chips with guacamole, cheese, pico de gallo, sour cream, jalapenos, roasted corn and black beans), we had discussions on European, American, and various topics on Turkish/Mideast politics. It was a lovely start to a very long dinner that lasted until midnight.

While finishing-up the last piece of my beautifully crafted miniature apple pie and vanilla ice cream on the side, I was intently listening to Mahinur's story of growing up in Belgium and how her passion for politics shaped through the years.

As I enjoy the company of this powerful and beautiful hijabi woman, I think: She is the ideal role model for millions of women across the globe. She is passionate to serve her country, strong-willed, keen-witted, beautiful, poised, and sweetly down-to-earth. MashAllah.

I look forward to seeing many, many more woman like Mahinur who are representatives in politics and working to serve their country, from East to West in all governments across the globe.
Can I get an Amen! :)

Here's a snapshot from the dinner.
Counter clock: Ravza (my other dearest auntie), mom Merve Kavakci (1st Hijabi MP of Turkish Parliament), myself, and the lovely Mahinur (1st Hijabi MP of Belgium Parliament).

Ravza is rocking the Comfijab.
My mom is wearing the KAVAKCI COUTURE Super Hijabi Cape Jacket.


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  1. aww Fatima I missed you!!!! And you all look adorable mA :)