Monday, March 14, 2011

Fashion in NYC !

Selams Everyone!

Hope you all are enjoying the beautiful month of March wherever you are in the states and/or around the world. To give a quick update about Team Hijabitopia’s recent activity, I will say “ The interview and shooting with BBC was AH-mazing!” The London-based crew was truly a genuine, friendly, great group of people that made the experience a very fun day for all of us. While I travelled from Washington D.C. and Nicole travelled all the way from Dallas, TX, we came together for a weekend in NYC to roll the Kavakci Couture by Elif Kavakci designs on to the New York scene. It was a breezy and a bit cloudy, yet beautiful day in the city.

Here are some scenes from the BBC filming and Nicole’s photoshoot  

Here's a snapshot of the  BBC crew members

left-right (Producer-Darrius, Cameraman-David, and Host-Karen)

Member of Hijabitopia Team & Professional Photographer:
 Nicole Queen

Addition to our hijabitopia team and behind-the-scenes-organizer: The Lovely Ayse

And, Hijabitopia's gorgeous model Zehra Nur....

Following a nice break with the team and crew for lunch….

Then…. finishing up the photo-shoot

And finally, Elhamdulillah! a much anticipated end of day celebration with the Hijabitopia team:

(we all look a bit exhausted after a long day yet very happy, don't ya think?)

p.s. if anyone is in nyc for a break or needs leisure time, I highly recommend paying a visit to café Boom off of Wooster and Spring Street in Soho. It’s a very chill, warm, and friendly environment to eat Italian delicacies and listen to some live Spanish guitar performance (very relaxing indeed).



  1. Wow the pics are great!!! it looks like it was so much fun! Great job gals!

  2. off orda olup ben de fotoğraf çekmek isterdim ki :)

  3. I am totally jealous!!!! I wish i was part of it all!