Monday, March 21, 2011

Be Free Now

Here is the newest single from Kareem Salama!


  1. I used to be a huge Kareem Salama fan, but I really did not like this song. I miss his old style.

  2. @Salwa I know what you mean. I actually liked this song, but it always worries me when an artist changes their style (video), it makes me think are they trying to be more mainstream, and loosing some of their original identity in the process.

    I loved the hijabi in the Generous Peace video. I'm sure this young lady is a great singer, but something about the video makes me feel uncomfortable.

    This was a concern for me with the new Sami Yusuf cd as well. When I listen to the songs I can't decide if the verses are about Spiritual Love for God or Love for your beloved, or love for the prophet.

    I think there is a thin line and sometimes in the process of trying to fit in or get more followers one can loose their original identity.

    This is a great reminder for all of us myself included.

    Thanks for your comment Salwa!