Saturday, March 26, 2011

Anthropologie, how I love thee!

I triple LOOOOOOOOVE Anthropologie. Everytime I go into that store I find something so cute and original, and oh so hijabi-friendly! I do admit that I don't always buy stuff, because I'm such a bargainista at heart. I'm always searching for a great sale. But in all honesty, their stuff is well-made, with quality fabrics, so now and then I'll add a few pieces to my wardrobe.
Well, a few weeks ago, I went in and fell in love with this long cowl-neck tunic-dress-top. It was gray, and 100% silk, and the length was just PERFECT! Definitely love at first sight!

Then I looked at the price-tag...Sigh. Why was it so dang expensive?! Needless to say, I left the store, but obviously still had that top on my mind.

Fast-forward to yesterday--------------------->>>>>>

Lo and behold, I enter the store, and there it is! MY TOP! ON SALE! For nearly half price! Wooohooo! But then I realized, they only had one left, and not in my size! Yikes! What's a girl to do?! Well, being the smart shopper I am, I went to the check-out counter and asked the sales-girl if she wouldn't mind checking other stores for my size. She was so friendly, and even though this took a few minutes, she was able to track down a store that had not only one of my size, but several. (Insert me doing my happy dance here :-) So, she made me fill out my name and address, and said someone would call me from that store, take my credit card info, and SHIP THE TOP TO ME FOR FREEEEEEE!!! Now, that is what I call FANTASTIC CUSTOMER SERVICE! This is also a HUGE shopping tip to be aware of, ladies! I know that bigger department stores like Nordstrom offer this service, but I had NO idea that Anthropologie does this as well!

Nazreen Hassan for HijabiTopia


  1. I LOVE Anthropologie as well. Their customer service is amazing. They have sales every Tuesday if you check their site. Also, you could find many of their products on ebay for a bargain or from a trade market called effortless anthropologie. (Search it on google).

    Glad you were able to snatch it! :-)

  2. I adore Anthropologie but alas being in Australia they charge the ridiculous fee of $90 for shipping!!! yes you heard right!!