Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Hijab Inspired looks on the RUNWAY

Fall 2011 New York Fashion Week has been in full force since last Wednesday. We've picked up several trends and looks that we'll share with you. Here are some of our favorites beginning with the KING OF FASHION!


The King of Fashion shows his hijab (or comfijab?) inspired outfits on the runway once more. Remember last season? CLICK.

Think KAVAKCI COUTURE comfijab and beret combo (PICTURE)! Or KAVAKCI COUTURE comfijab and pill box hat combo (PICTURE).

Those of you who already own our exclusive Comfijab and wear it know what I'm talking about! Isn't this Marc's interpretation of our look?!! I think he's after us again and is on to something. Which, I LIKE! 

Elif Kavakci for HijabiTopia


  1. it's great to see the increasing influence of hijab in the fashion world... for whatever reason it may be! :))

  2. My favorite Turkish Writer Nazli Ilicak mentioned our post in the Turkish Newspaper Sabah, here is the link.

    Sevgili Nazli Ilicak, bizim postumuzu yazmis.