Friday, February 18, 2011

Hijab Inspired looks on the RUNWAY PART II

I feel like the fashion world has nothing to do but copy us hijabis! Now ladies, if you think hijab is an old-fashioned , backwards, unfashionable piece of clothing, I think you need to think again. In this day and age we are living in, Hijab is what is on the runway! You can go from ordinary to fresh off the pages of Vogue, in minutes. Throw it on and try it for yourself. If you have doubts about doing it for the sake of Allah because someone might say something to you or you might be seen awkward, believe me HIJAB IS IN!

Here are some more fun looks from New York Fashion Week Fall 2011.


Oh my goodness! Check this out. Victoria Beckham spiced up her collection with the bonet! For those of you who are wondering what a bonet is, it is the cotton undercap that most hijabi's wear under their scarf to prevent it from slipping off.

Bonet without Hijab

Bonet with Hijab

Dear Victoria, just a tip: we don't walk around in our bonets. Not so pretty! The Hijab on the other hand is Gorgeous! Well done POSH SPICE !

Donna Karan

I love all these designs because they represent timeless elegance. I love the solids and the monochromatic tone from head to toe! This is what looks elegant ladies, remember my STYLE TIPS?  if you want to look classy, stay away from patterns! Repeat after me: SAY NO TO PATTERNS!


OMG!! I love this collection! I admit I would not wear the patterned combinations but the black and whites, are so gorgeous.
I think this is one of the most fun collections I've ever seen!

So here is how you apply the below trends. First stop Cosmetic Store: pick up the longest eyelashes you can find. Second: go in to your closet, grab a hooded top, a white button down shirt, a jacket, long dress, pants, black tights etc etc, put it all together. Add a pair of oxfords. Voila! You're ready for Thom Brownes' runway.

Elif Kavakci for HijabiTopia


  1. offf...birinci fotoğraftaki kıyafet harika.tek parça değil mi?o elbiseden istiyorum :)

  2. It's time the designers give credit where credits due-to the hijabis of the world! I'm quite taken by the last stream of pics from THOM BROWNE. I love the eyelash effect and the patterns. It's so different.

  3. Great to see an Islamic Blessing..Hijab is our proud..thanks for this blog..Proud to be a Muslim...i am following you my sweet sisters...keep it up your great effort of showing softer image of Islam

  4. Thank you so much ladies for your comments.
    @creative mind, welcome and thanks for joining us, we're glad to have you!