Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Fair Maiden

Once upon a time, in a land far far away (Turkey), there lived a fair maiden named Beyza.

She was a very happy girl who loved her home and her family. But as in any fairytale, Beyza faced some difficulties. Since she could not go to school wearing her hijab in the land she loved, she had to depart to another land.

This made Beyza very sad. How was she going to leave the ones she loved behind? Torn with emotions she gazed at the horizon

"But this IS my home" she said to her self. As a few tears dropped she remembered what's more important. If Allah willed for her to go, she would go.
She would go to the LAND OF THE FREE, to get her education.

She sat at the airport in her new land wondering of what would be

{Enter music "que sera sera.... whatever will be, will be, the future's not our's to see, que sera sera..."}

She decided to explore her new land.

She studied immensely and made new friends at school

As time passed she got used to being apart from her loved ones and stayed in touch by phone

She was happy in her new land where she could get an education

She soon aced her exams and walked down the aisle to get her diploma

{Enter Pomp and Circumstance - Graduation music}

Beyza had achieved her dreams. She had gotten her education with dedication, hard work and Allah's guidance.

The fair maiden was ready to return home, to her family and to someone special who was waiting for her. Who could that be? If this is a fairytale, where is prince charming?

To be continued...


  1. İmkanları var diye hayallerini gerçekleştirebilmiş, ne mutlu. Bize o kadarı da nasip olmadı. Diploma törenlerinin görüntüsü burnumuzda bir sızı, içimizde bir hıçkırık.


  2. A. Great story and accompanying photos!
    B. Who are you guys?! Do you have an About page?
    C. What's a comfijab?
    D. I LOVE this blog even though I just discovered it 2 minutes ago!

  3. @Esra Rebele
    Herkesin imtehani farkli, gurbette okuyabilen okuyor ama ailesinden uzakta bir cok zorlukla. Ulkesinde kalanda ailesinin yaninda ama okuyamiyor. Okusada mezun olamiyor. Sizi cok iyi anliyorum. Ahiretde en guzel torende en guzel diplomayi almaniz umidiyle :-)

  4. @Haute Muslimah

    A.Thank You

    B.We are your dreams come true! JK. Click on our profile pictures to read more, or go to our websites.

    C.Comfijab = Comfortable Hijab. It's a KAVAKCI COUTURE exclusive design that is now available to the public for purchase. Here is a link for more info

    D. We love you too! Thanks for joining us, better late then Never ;-)

    E. Is this test over? And do we get a 100?