Monday, February 21, 2011


BCBG is one of my favorite brands to wear. I feel like I can walk into a BCBG store and basically walk out purchasing almost every single item. Their clothes are good quality, decently priced, fresh off the runway, and best of all, can be hijabified very easily.

As with all the other designers who follow the hijab styles we wear, BCBG put a hijabi's most essential item on the runway and made a collection around it! And what is that you say? Just think! What is the number one item in a Hijabi's closet? A turtleneck!! Well, not one turtleneck but several turtlenecks to last us through the year. I can not even remember how many white turtlenecks I have owned in my life time ever since I've started wearing hijab. We can wear our white turtleneck under almost anything and make it look more modest, and it doesn't cost a fortune. Right? Just look at my profile picture ;-)

For us hijabis, finding a turtleneck at our local stores is the biggest news ever! We'll text each other and give exact location and hit the store asap to purchase a bunch.

The interesting part about this collection is that BCBG is doing something that is worn by basically every other Muslim woman. It's very interesting, and I definitely like it!

As I said many times before, in all my other posts, this collection, fresh off the runway, proves once again that as hijabis we are more fashion forward than anyone else. (And this is your daily dose of hijab boost ;-)

So how many white turtlenecks do you own? Care to share?

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