Saturday, December 18, 2010

Zehra Nur's Hijab Style

How do you wear your hijab? Do you like to wear long pashmina's or are you a square scarf girl?

I wanted to bring you Zehra Nur's style. She is a sophomore in College. A beautiful girl with great style.

Here are a few pictures of her delicious fashion taste...


Angelic White

Color Me Happy

Haute Pink



Just Peachy

Black Elegance

LV Love



Metallic Hues

On the wild side

Pretty in Pink


  1. Zehranur'um bitanem <3 those who are wondering there are not professional shoots but it is the way she really is. devoted muslim and a fashionista

  2. Not sure if my comment went through..
    but Zehra Nur is gorgeous and I love her hijab style. I'd love to know more about how to get that look. so chic!

  3. Havva Kahraman is right! Zehra Nur looks this gorgeous in person, there are no photoshop touches in her looks :-) I borrowed her own pictures from her travels around the world. She is a role model to many with her Islamic Lifestyle, and her fashionable looks. The point being, girls you can have it all! You can wear Hijab and look amazing and have fairytale lifestyles.

    Mariam, we'll ask Zehra Nur for some tips and info about where she shops and how she does her hijab.

    Thank you all for the comments.

  4. wow you worked that triangle loook!

  5. First of all i want to thank Elif Kavakci for arranging my pictures for the blog and considering that i am a role model , thank you very much. I also want to thank my friend Havva and those who likes my style. I will definitely give some tips about where i shop and how i do my hijab.There is actually not a specific store that i constantly go and get my clothes from , but i am liking BEBE's kardashians style lots also BCBG is my favovrite brand. They always have unique styles and designs which is hard to find in New Jersey.ZARA and JUICY COUTURE are also my passion.I am usually getting my square scarfs from COACH store since they are always having the prettiest styles.Now i would like to give the instructions about how to be a square scarf girliee :) First you will make a triangle fromthe square scarf with folding it half way in. Put the triangled scarf in your head, center it , and pin it underneath the chin also on the top in order to prevent it getting messed up.The last step is wrapping the scarf around the neck. Now you can enjoy your turkish style hijab and shine :))

  6. hi Zehra,do you share your travel stories in blog? i would love to have some inspiration from your style,do you have facebook or youtube or anything that i can be updated with?..thank you so much.i love you chic style!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Salaams Sheila,

    We will inform Zehra of your comment and maybe we can do another post on her since she has great style!!!

    Lot's of love,

  8. that's wonderful to know,thanks hijabitopia! :) your blogposts never fail to be interesting and informative at the same time!