Monday, December 13, 2010

Winter in New York

I love this time of year, especially in New York City. Towards the end of November, the whole city has that holiday spirit.

I love driving around at night, watching the lights. In the middle of 5th avenue, there is a huge snow flake decoration made of lights hangs from the sky! It's so much fun to drive under it.

The Cartier building is wrapped up in a huge lit red bow.

The Fendi store is wrapped up with a light-adorned belt buckle. Awesome!

The Trump Tower is showered with lights as well. Looks like snow, doesn't it?

At Henri Bendel, a huge tree made of white sparkly material hangs. The tree is in the middle of the store, rising all the way up to the 4th floor where Fredric Fekkai salons are located. Atop the tree, stands the most beautiful manequin you would ever imagine.  She is accompanied by other manequins who are dressed similarly, hanging in the air on different sides of the store.

On Saturday, I had to make an urgent stop at Bloomingdales (and I mean urgent! I'm not crazy enough to go shopping in such a crowded city during the worst shopping season ever!).

Well, I guess there is a reason for everything, because I ran into an interesting suprise. On the 7th floor, right before the escalators, literally infront of the men's clothes racks, they had an ice show!

A small square ice skating rink where 4 ice skaters took turns skating to holiday music. It was absolutely stunning! I have no idea how they got that ice rink in there. The interesting part is that it looked like rubber. I had the strong urge to touch it to see if it was real ice!

DKNY was also treating their customers to hot cocoa! Yummy!

After a long day of looking around, I started to think about how marketing in the 21st century has come along way!

And to end it all, our favorite Giant Smurf  decided to climb on top of Macy's entrance!

Elif Kavakci for HijabiTopia


  1. New York is beautiful!! I'm now officially dying to visit in the winter hehe. My bro and his wife just moved to Brooklyn this summer, so now I will have to visit them for sure :)

  2. Wonderful photos...I would love to just walk around NY to see all the wonderful shops and of course kick up my feet and relax to a good opera, play and ballet...:-)

  3. Mariam if your brother lives in NY, you have no excuse! You have to visit.

    Cassandra, your plan sounds great! I've been to NYC ballet, amazing! But would love to go to the opera as well.

  4. I definitely should visit.. I'm such a procrastinator! lol :)