Monday, December 27, 2010


We've been getting a lot of requests for information about our KAVAKCI COUTURE design comfijab, and we wanted to let you know that we are currently working on providing you with more detailed information. There will be a video coming soon!

The Comfijab is an abbreviation for Comfortable Hijab. It was designed by Elif Kavakci to make wearing hijab more practical, chic and comfortable for an active lifestyle.

It's made from breathable fabric that provides all day comfort. It is also one of the quickest hijabs a woman can wear! In mere 20 seconds, you're covered!

It looks very stylish, yet is easy to care for. Washable, dryable, color fade and shrink resistant! Best of all, no ironing necessary!!!

You don't need a pin to hold it down. It stays in place all day!

It also complements any hijab style. You can wear the comfijab with a turban style hijab, and it provides complete hair and neck coverage.

You can make it more fashionable with a fedora, or any hat, cap, beret, shawl, headband, absolutely anything you can imagine!

You can wear it with a KAVAKCI COUTURE white cap and go work out.

The equestrienne comfijab has been tested by Elif Kavakci. When you're cantering on a horse at great speed, and the wind factor is added to it, the comfijab stays put and does not move an inch!

You can wear it for any sport you can imagine including tennis, karate, boxing, golfing, running, step, pilates. Whatever your activity is, it will adapt to your lifestyle!

The graduation Comfijab provides the hijabi who is looking forward to walk across the stage, with the best style! It's been custom made to provide a uniform look when worn with the graduation cap and gown. A hijabi walking across the stage deserves a great applaud! She's often the only one in thousands, and should have the best style on stage. Elif Kavakci feels it's her responsibility as an Islamic designer to help hijabis look their best. She has no doubt seen some funny combinations, and realized it was about time someone did something to help the hijabis out!

The Bridal comfijab can be worn with the bridal veil for the most important day of a girls life! Again it will stay put throughout the day !

For additional questions about the comfijab or any KAVAKCI COUTURE design you can email

The Comfijab- Once you wear it, you will never want to take it off!



  1. I am looking forward to purchasing a Comfijab :-)

  2. And we're looking forward for you to join the Comfijab Club ;-)

  3. Does the Comfijab work well for a runner? I run and have struggled with the sports hijab I have bunching up at the top of my head because it is made with two pieces of fabric that meet at the top. The Comfijab looks like it lays smoothly on the head. When will these be available to purchase? I love the look and the idea. Insha'Allah these will be very successful.

  4. @thatsilly girl
    The comfijab is perfect for running! I know what you mean about the bunching up, the hijab part of the comfijab is one piece. So it's nice and smooth on the top. It has a satin neck piece that finishes it off and adds pizzazz!

    You can order a comfijab through


  5. How much does the Comfijab cost?

  6. @loveofpink

    Please email for pricing and order information.

  7. Where can i purchase the comfijab?

  8. @PharmDMommy as the above post and the above comment says you can send an email to for pricing and shipping information. Thanks.

  9. How does it work for waterskiing -- 20-to-30 mph?

  10. Dear Molly,
    I haven't tried it water skiing, but there is no reason why it should not work. The Comfijab stays put through all sports, especially boot camp, which is the most difficult. It doesn't move an inch when horseback riding at a pretty fast speed. It is also perfect for skiing. It is not waterproof so if you fall it will get wet, but the fit does not change at all even in water. If you need more information please email us at Thanks!