Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Are you in the Mood?

One of the most fun parts about being a designer is picking out the fabric! My favorite fabric store is the oh-so-popular Mood Fabrics!

Remember Project Runway? Oh yes - this is where the Project Runway designers rush in and out to get their fabric.

Mood Fabrics is the number one retail store for designers. The selection, the quality, and the service is absolutely amazing.

Imagine millions of rolls of fabric, buttons, trims, zippers, and choices, choices, choices!

Even if you are not a designer, or you don't sew, Mood Fabrics is a place you want to visit when you're in town :-) New York City is the heart of fashion. And the Garment District is where it all happens! You will run into major designers purchasing fabric, as well as all the fashion students. If you're lucky you will run into Project Runway contestants during filming season!

On this particular visit, I was there to purchase fabric for Muslim Celebrity X. As usual I was chatting with the Bangladeshi Muslim who works there. I told him that I was surprised to see so many rolls of Turkish fabric. He said  they import  a lot of Turkish fabrics because it's such great quality. "Ralph Lauren is a fan of Turkish textiles and uses a lot of it in his collections", he added.

This was great to hear and being Turkish born, I felt very proud!

He also mentioned that First Lady X , when in New York, likes to come and buy some fabric from there. Accompanied by the secret service. I asked if they close the store down just for her, he ansered "No we weren't requested to close it down especially for her, but we did have to work past hours. But anything for the first lady right?"

That's the way it goes!

On another note, to me as a designer, each and every woman who wears my designs is a celebrity!

On this trip, instead of running in and out like I usually do, I decided to take some pictures so that you could get an insider glimpse at Mood Fabrics.

Exclusive for HijabiTopia, enjoy these pictures...

Mood Fabrics from the outside

Going Up!

Oh you are so welcome !!!

Ready, Set, Run!

All you Interior Designers, this one is for you!

My addiction - Taffeta and Shantung Silk!

Yayy for Turkish Fabric!
Until next time...

Elif Kavakci for HijabiTopia


  1. Haha, awesome! MashaAllah. I really want to go to that store next time I come to New York, InshaAllah.


  2. WOW! If I ever got the chance to go there I would need a whole day just to look and feel at all the fabrics! you make us all wan to live in New York Elif!! :))

  3. I feel like a traiter for saying this (since I love Dallas) but New YOrk is a very unique place to live!