Friday, November 26, 2010

Hijabi Dreams

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This morning my daughter Janna (earlier post about her here) woke up and was telling me about her dream last night.

She said "Mom, I was having this dream when I was at school, and I forgot to wear my hijab. It was so embarrassing! I was walking around without hijab. In the past, I used to dream that I lost my bag at school, but now I dream about forgetting to wear my hijab".

When Janna told me her dream, I started laughing. Because it was beautiful and funny at the same time. It was clear to me that she had gone to the next level of being a hijabi. Now she was having hijabi dreams, or nightmares!

It's beautiful because she honors her hijab so much that even in her subconcious state she is a hijabi.

Those of you who wear hijab know what I'm talking about, right?  When you start wearing hijab, the biggest nightmare is you're not wearing it. Even though, you are sleeping, your soul can feel the embarrassment of not wearing it. Because hijab becomes a part of you, one that completes you once you start wearing it.

I had forgotten about this until Janna mentioned it this morning. I have the same dream on and off. I have had it since I started wearing hijab exactly 23 years ago. And I am sure that I will have this dream for many more years to come.

It is such a good feeling to know that something you believe so strongly in, has been carved in to your conscience. It's an honor that I will cherish for the rest of my life. Till I wear my final hijab in the grave, which will be my shroud!

(According to Islamic tradition, when a woman is buried, she is wrapped in 5 pieces of white cloth. One of which is a hijab that covers her hair completely.)

How many of you have the same dream?

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  1. me the same =) when i was a child i used to see those kinds of dreams. a few months ago i had a dream like tht again and i was feeling like an ostrich as i was trying to hide myself from ppl. =))

  2. Lady Gawain,

    That's hilarious. I love the "ostrich" comparison! Totally!

  3. I just started wearing it full time a few weeks ago and I have already had those dreams. LOL!

  4. I have those dreams all the time too lol. thats so funny that so many hijabis have it. May Allah bless and protect your daughter Elif :)

  5. @ marykeepsmilin that's so funny Mary!

    @ Tasneem Dahduli thank you Tasneem!