Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Haute Pink

As the weather gets colder and colder, we have to start layering our clothes to stay warm. I'm sure most of you already know that layering is a hijabi's best friend!

Neutral colors are always great for fall. This season's popular colors are gray hues, royal blues, camels, off-whites, browns and of course our all time favorite black.

One of the key pieces for a modest look is a high neck turtleneck. I would suggest you get one in all the colors you think you would use in your wardrobe. The basics would include an off-white, camel, black, gray, brown, dark blue and royal blue.

In this particular look, the model is wearing an off-white turtleneck with frills. She layered her turtleneck with a neutral gray cardigan that has the same frill theme going. Very feminine indeed!

She has completed her look with her black loose pants that are rolled at the bottom. She is wearing her pants over her  leather knee high boots.

She has topped off her style with a pink large handbag and a matching large round pink plastic ring.

It's always a great idea to add a dash of color to your neutrals.

This look was brought to us by Nazreen.

Haute Pink

NOTE: This model was dressed in a computer program where hijab options are limited. This program unfortunately, does not carry our designer Comfijab! We realize her neck and ears are showing. Please don't think that we are trying to make everyone wear hats or berets and show their neck :-)


  1. are those knee boots or ankle boots? look like the look either way - sumrina

  2. Sumrina, the boots are knee high, however you can't see them because the pants go over the boots.

    Malinda, thanks for joining us and thank you for your comment.