Friday, October 1, 2010

Trenchin in Style

It's been pretty wet and gloomy this past week in New York City. I've had to take out my rain boots, raincoat and my umbrella. The funniest thing about rain in NYC is the fact that instead of it raining cats and dogs, it rains umbrellas! LOL. Let me explain. Because it's pretty windy when it rains, people walking in Manhattan tend to loose their umbrellas which end up on the side walks. So as you walk the streets you step over broken umbrellas. Most people in the city probably have to set a side a budget for umbrellas for the year :-)

Anyway, we don't let the city get to us as hijabistas. Rain or Shine we're always IN STYLE!

Think Pink

Elif Kavakci for HijabiTopia


  1. I love the trench coat...they never go out of style :-) HMMM I have a bright pink trench...will be spoting my pinkness during this chilly rainy season...thank for the inspiration. xoxo

  2. Your so right about Manhattan. I remember visiting in the winter and for the life of me I could barely hand onto my umbrella. It was so odd to see umbrealla's strewn here and there on the streets. New Yorkers are truly busy people!~Noor