Wednesday, October 13, 2010

From Fame and Fortune to Islam

Today I'm very excited to share with you a YouTube video of Nicole. A few months ago, Nicole was filmed for a program called "They Chose Islam", by GS productions. The media followed Nicole around her home, at work, and spending time with her husband.

Nicole's conversion to Islam has gotten a lot of press around the world. Her story is unique because she literally went from one extreme to another. She had to change her whole lifestyle and make the biggest sacrifices ever! And what for? She did it all for the sake of God, and for her love of Allah.

My favorite part of the video is when Nicole explains her feelings about hijab and how she started wearing it. This is what she says "at that time (when learning about Islam) I thought of hijab as something that you have to earn. Like you had to study Islam for a long time before you could wear the hijab.  I thought it's going to take me along time to be like those women (hijabis). I thought it was like a right of passage..."

Nicole first puts on the hijab when she goes to Jordan to visit a Muslim family, out of respect. She experiences wearing it on a daily basis. However, when it's time for her to fly back to Dallas she becomes really nervous about what she's going to do. She is so attached to her hijab that she doesn't want to take it off. The girl that left the airport as Nicole now lands back to the same airport as a hijabi!

"I told my friends and Hassan, I don't think I can take off the hijab" says Nicole.

Here is the first part of her beautiful story.

Nicole Queen: Part I

Stay Tuned for the second video coming soon...


For Turkish Fans: Turk Okurlarimiz
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  1. Mashallah....what a beautiful story of Sister Nicole and her journey to Islam...waiting anxiously for the next video :-)

    Thank you for sharing Elif...