Sunday, September 12, 2010

HijabiTopia @ Fashion's Night Out in New York City!

September 10th, was Fashion's Night Out in New York City. We had been looking forward to attending it for months. And we finally got to! If you were following us on twitter, you got the insider info on what was going on where. 

We had a fantastic time in Manhattan! I was joined by my niece Fatima (yes my celebrity sister Merve's daughter) who arrived from D.C. to join me for the night.

As the only Hijabis hanging out at the IN places, we were treated like absolute celebrities. Some people were star struck and took pictures of us every where we went.

When I attend big events, being the only hijabi usually is the most positive experience. Since I stand out as a fashionable hijabi, I tend to get alot of complements. We had people stopping us in the stores asking to take pictures of our interperetation of the FNO tees. While we were walking on the street, photographers would stop us and ask for a picture. We ran into alot of bloggers as well as trend analysts.

I chose to wear the gray long sleeve FNO tee, whereas Fatima wore the white short sleeve FNO tee.

Here is a look @ how I put mine together. I wore a black button down shirt inside my tee, my black taffeta skirt, my skinny heels with rhinestones and flowers on them, I wore my husband's tie as a belt(!) I wore the Comfijab [KAVAKCI COUTURE hijab] with 2 long silk scarves that I tied in turban style. My white watch and my big heart ring completed the look! I took a simple purse to play down my look.

Take a close look @ the tie now!
Donald Trump has no idea I've turned his tie into a belt!!!

P.S. The camera did add 10 lbs!

On FNO the streets were packed. The line in front of Bergdrof Goodman was the longest line ever!

There were live window case displays, with people singing and shows or models in almost all the stores. It was such a creative night. We walked till we could not walk anymore!

Louis Vuitton on 5th Ave, had a violin concert. It was amazing.

Don't you just love NY! This is infront of the CBS building.
This is how Fatima wore her FNO tee:

Here are some pictures and highlights from our night!

- Our first stop was Calvin Klein on Madison and 60th street. Guess who was performing? Bryan Adams!!!

Yup, that's him wayyy up there Bryan Adams!

- Our next stop was Barneys NY on Madison & 60th

In front of Barneys

Hello there Simon!

On the first floor we got to meet Simon Doonan, Creative Director of Barneys
On the 5th floor, Fatima shopped while I watched participants play musical chair.

Look who we got to meet on the 7th floor... ALEXANDER WANG!!!

We absolutely love his designs.
On his left the famous Ralph Lauren model.
On the very right corner, another blonde model.

Our favorite designer with his models - Alexander Wang
Left corner - partial view

5th Ave side walk in front of Van Cleef there was a bubble machine blowing bubbles in to the night

      We got so tired that we decided to go ahead and have a cappucino. This amazing cafe, on 5th Ave & 59th, right across from the CBS building has such aromatic cappucinos. Check out the surprise on my cappucino

Look at the brown picture closely. It's a caricature of a girl wearing hijab! I got a Hijabi Cappucino. Woohooo! Only at HijabiTopia can you have one!

Join us next year for FNO. Untill then sending all my gals lots of love!

Elif Kavakci for HijabiTopia


  1. Wow!!! Elif you and Fatima look absolutley beautiful :-) Hijabi Topia Divas rocked the FNO!!!

  2. Thank you Cassandra. We did have alot of fun! Next year I think our group should be bigger. We got so much attention, it was great dawah!

  3. Noor, We got your comment. Thanks so much. We hope to have even better posts for our readers. We have alot of pictures to edit through, and lots of interviews to publish. We are just getting started. So stay tuned and enjoy!

  4. mA you guys look great! Rock on! I live near the DC area, I'd love to meet your sister! :-)

  5. Thank you Salwa. My sister teaches at George Washington Univ, she's a professor there. She has a pretty busy schedule but inshallah why not. Can you please email me
    and I can hook you up. LOL!

  6. maashaallah you both look so beautiful. can i have steal the picture of cappucino? :))

  7. Ben çok şaşırdım. thank u very much for your valuable creativity for muslim women:)

  8. Hi Elif,
    Marhaba! i was looking for this kind of hijab;Fashionable,stylish, Pretty ....
    And i found it here.Thank you very much and really appreciate.
    Also wanted to ask you if you have online sevices.
    I mean can i order here?
    Thanks again.

  9. Wow. I've been following this blog for such a long time and didn't realize.
    I go to gw and I think i'm friends with your sister's daughter. we did an internship together actually. Was your sister part of the turkish parliament?

  10. @Saeedeh we have the Comfijab available for purchase in the U.S. and Turkey by email, for information please email an inquiry to Thx!

    @Humie Thanks for following us. Yes my sister was an MP in the Turkish parliament and her daughters graduated from George Mason!