Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I'm going to share one of my favorite accessory secrets with you today, are you readddyyy???

I love getting trendy accessories from Forever 21! Forever 21 is one of my favorite places to shop, but other then a few trendy pieces I pick up when I visit, I usually dig out in the jewelry section. My taste in accessories is as contagious as my taste in style.

I am a bling bling kind of gal. It might be because I'm fully covered in hijab that my jewelry gets alot of attention, or it could just be the bling blinding people who I come across. LOL!

I bought this ring from Forever 21 over the summer in Dallas. Usually when I see something I like, I'll buy not one but several. One for my bf's, sisters, nieces, lots of women in the family. If I know their sizes, most likely I'm going to buy it. When I bought this ring, they didn't have too many sizes, so I managed to buy one for myself. When Nazreen saw me wearing it she was like "OMG, what is that ring?" So ofcourse, we had to go find her one.

Every where I wear this ring, people literally stop me and say, "Where did you get that ring from?" Friends who know I'm a designer ask me if I've designed it!

When I tell people where I got it and how much it was, they can not believe me.

I wear it everyday, with my casuals, and with my formals. This is the ring that can go from one event to another. One piece does it all.

I recently wore this to the reception with the Turkish President and the First Lady.

So, I did a little research and found it available online for all you HijabiTopia readers. If you want one, you better act fast! You could also call your local store and ask to see if they have one in your size, but not sure if anyone would really bother looking through a bunch of rings to find this one.

It comes in white and in black. I would get both!

Ready, set, BLING!

The Jewel Stunner Ring is on my right hand

The Jewel Stunner Ring from FOREVER 21

This is what it looks like up close

Here is the link to purchase it, you are going to be stunned when you see the price.

Elif Kavakci for HijabiTopia


  1. Elif, I was in Forever21 last night and they do have an awesome accessories section. The prices are so dirt cheap and everything is so fun and cute. I took a look at the blingy rings and you definantly get a lot of style for under ten-dollars.~Noor

  2. What's going on...why no posts from Nazreen and Nicole??

  3. That sounds great Noor, glad you went in. Some of our readers already ordered online. Enjoy your rings ladies, keep on blinging!

  4. Nazreen and Nicole will be posting soon. They're just trying to get used to the blogista life style, LOL. Nazreen was in Maui, on vacation with her family and recently got back. She took lots of pictures for us, and will be posting them soon. We are also working on posting some of Nicole's videos about how she converted to Islam. She's working on uploading those here. Just stay tuned for some awesome posts.

  5. That is some big shiny bling Elif :-) lol lol...I must be in a slow bling mode lol...I have not heard of Forever 21...have to visit the website and look for one in my vicinity.

  6. Salam alykom sis,What a lovely blog! mashallah.. I followed you, so I can make sure to come read. You're stunning. <3 mashallah!