Tuesday, August 17, 2010

To Wear or Not To Wear? It's not a question!

I wanted to share with you a few thoughts...  First of all, we formed this blog so that it could provide a support system and a fun environment for hijabis and those who choose to dress modestly. 

Over the years, through my writing, I have been able to reach millions of readers.  Before I started writing for HijabiTopia, I was a fashion writer for ZAMAN - the Turkish daily news, and then transfered over to, where now I have a weekly column.

Also being an Islamic Fashion designer, I've had many ladies contact me about changing the way they dress, and leading a more Islamic life style.

Writing has allowed me to get to know so many new faces, and beautiful ladies, some who wear hijab, some who are in search of how to wear hijab, and others who know exactly what to do but can't take the first steps.

It has been fun to share experiences and support each other through spiritual changes in our lives.

I will now share with you some of my thoughts on hijab. For those of you who may not personally know me, I am not an extremist Muslim, and could never be one. I like to follow the sunnah of our Prophet (peace be upon him) about having balance in my religion. So therefore when I tell you my thoughts on this topic, I don't want you to think that I am some fundamentalist. I'm just sharing my thoughts on the way I feel.

I feel very passionate about hijab.  Alot of Muslims will state that it is an option to wear hijab. I am not one of those Muslims. I believe it is Fard (obligatory), because it is clearly written in the Qur'an that believing women must dress Islamically.

When people say it is a choice, it makes my blood boil. There is no question! To wear or not to wear hijab is not an option. If you love Allah and want to please him, you wear it. If you don't wear it, that is a decision you make as a Muslim, not a choice.

Now having said that, you are probably thinking "she hates all non hijabis, she sounds so extreme". Absolutelly not. I have many friends, those who wear hijab and those who don't.  Those who are Muslim, and those who are not.  I love them all equally. Whether they wear hijab or not does not affect my friendship with them.

But my closest friends are always the ones whose lifestyles, goals, and dreams are closer to mine.  I am encircled by those friends.

I'm not going to tell you that wearing hijab is easy! Untill it becomes a complete part of you, it's difficult to carry. Yes, we get hot! Yes, it gets itchy. Yes we would love to just tie our hair in a pony tail, throw on a pair of jeans, a t-shirt and flip flops and walk out the door. But do we, NO! And why don't we? To please Allah!

This Ramadan, I would like for you to think about that. If you haven't started wearing hijab, just imagine yourself in hijab. Imagine how happy it would make you feel to submit to an obligatory rule from the Qur'an.

Ramadan uplifts our spirits. It's the same kind of feeling when you wear hijab, except it's on a daily basis. Imagine what you would feel like in the beauty of hijab. When you close your eyes, try to get beyond your image, and how other people might react to it,  try to think of Allah, and try to think of all of us who are right there with you. Just like when you fast. You do the act  yourself, but millions of Muslims are doing it as well.

I could go on and on about this topic. We will have many discussions, and I would love to hear your comments, and your stories, whether you wear hijab or not. We love to have you as readers. Anybody and everybody is welcome.

I would like to dedicate the following video, "Not afraid to stand alone" by Native Deen, to those of you who are contemplating taking the first steps. I want to say "you're not alone". You have Allah by your side, through each and every struggle of wearing hijab, and you have us. We are all here to support you!

Elif Kavakci for HijabiTopia


  1. Fantastic article! Very inspiring...

  2. Again, an amazing inspiring article. JazakAllah. It is inspiring to even us who wear hijab, because it is a great reminder.

    Also, I LOVE this nasheed. I feel like it's so empowering. I am sensing another nasheed addict, :-).

  3. I love your sincerety and can feel all the emotions in between the lines. I am proud to have you as my sister. R

  4. salam hijabitopia..

    I'm ila from Malaysia (a small country in south east Asia). I'm not fluent in, i'm sorry if my english is unintelligible.

    I'm recently wearing hijab and proud of that. And I'm proud to have friends that always guide me to the right path.
    Before this I was not wearing hijab for most of my times. Alhamdulillah, Allah has opened my heart to wear it.

    Would you allow me to share this post on my facebook? i want my other muslim friends to know by heart why we must wear hijab..

    thank you..

  5. Dear Daughter of Yasin,

    Thank you for joining us at HijabiTopia. We are excited to have you. Ofcourse you can share the article. Please give credit to the writer and the blog. You can add our link or just share the link, however you would like to do it is fine.
    It's a pleasure to meet you.

    Lot's of love