Thursday, August 5, 2010

Meet The Hand Bag Designer for Kate Spade

We are working on an amazing interview with Andrea Crouse, hand bag designer for Kate Spade.  We will post the interview tomorrow, Friday, as a special celebration of our one week launch!

A woman's purse is usually one of the closest items to her. One that really describes her style. The type of hand bag a woman carries can tell a lot about her.

Have you ever wondered what goes into the designing process of your favorite bag? We all walk in to a department store and see a purse we like, and debate if we should buy it or not.  If we are totally in love with the bag we most likely walk out having purchased it. To us it's as simple as that.

But to a designer who designs that purse, she actually puts several hours in to working on each piece.  After which it gets edited, and goes into production and then it is sent to the store.

We were always curious about the design process and about the actual people who design for the big brand names. 

We met Andrea Crouse at a lecture in NYU.  We were so ecstatic, we had to interview her for HijabiTopia.

You wouldn't want to miss the interview... Tomorrow...

Elif Kavakci

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