Friday, August 27, 2010

Friends of HijabiTopia Iftar

The HijabiTopia Team recently hosted an Iftar dinner for it's fans and readers.  We had an amazing turn out, over 30 beautiful hijabis showed up, in their fashionably stylish outfits. 

Nicole Queen organized the beautiful dinner. Her creativity shined through as always. She designed customized Ramadan Mubarak cards and thanked all the fans for attending. Each guest also enjoyed a fresh cupcake made specially by Nicole.  The guests devoured the butter pecan and chocolate cupcakes that she spent the whole day baking.

We had an amazingly delicious dinner, and got to mingle with everyone and meet new friends.

Everyone that walked in looked like they jumped out of the pages of an Islamic magazine.  We saw amazing styles, and will post them soon, once Nazreen edits all the pictures. Nazreen ended up volunteering to take the pictures while our photographer Nicole took a break from having to do the job at every event :-)

The stylish Rula Rabah was one of the guests, and you will have to see what she wore, she looked stunning!

We also got the pleasure to meet a brand spanking new hijabi! We will tell you about her in more detail soon...

After the dinner, we all drove to pray taraweeh prayers together. We spent a wonderful evening full of the Ramadan spirit from the moment we all broke our fasts. We shared food, enjoyed delightful conversations, and took the time to meet the new faces attending the dinner. As I looked across the table, I saw happy ladies who were laughing and having a good time with other hijabis. It felt so magical and so empowering to be able to connect through one main commonality, being Muslimahs.

We were all in total bliss in HijabiTopia!

Thank you all for coming, and for those of you who could not attend, we will have many more events to look forward to.

Sending you all a big group hug and lots of love,

Elif Kavakci for HijabiTopia

Nicole's Famous Chocolate Cupcake

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