Monday, August 2, 2010

It's all about Friendship

We are so excited about our blog... We would like to dedicate one of our first posts to Friendship.

I'm going to totally outdate myself over here, but do you remember the "I Love Lucy" episode where Lucy and Ethel sing this song "Friendship.. Friendship..It's a perfect Friendship..?" Well, maybe you do maybe you don't. Growing up, friendships are really important in everyones lives. From the day we are born, till the day we die, we all want to be in the company of our loved ones.  Some friendships don't last long because they are not strong enough to survive, while other friendships last a lifetime.  If you ask me, the single most important quality in a friendship is, without a doubt, loyalty. A lot of friendships don't last because people are not loyal to each other.  Whether you see your friend every day, or you see her a few times in your life, loyal friends are the ones to hold on to. 

As humans we all like to be a part of a group and have the approval of a group.  Peers are important to us.  It is an absolute fact that peer pressure exists.  Therefore who we choose to be friends with, or hang out with, affects our personality and shapes or molds who we are as human beings.

Let's all look into our lives.  Let's examine our friends from the past and present, and our friends who will be with us in the future. What do they mean to us?  Do they bring out the best in us?  (The best  in terms of values, the best of manners, the best of spirituality) Or do they make us feel like we are worthless?

It is easy for a person to have lots and lots of friends. But it is only quality friendships that last through the years.  Quality is always better then quantity.

We decided to start this blog based on a unique friendship of 3 girls who have happened to be there for each other over time.  Nazreen and I grew up together, and have been through thick and thin.  We were young girls, teenagers, the only ones who wore hijab in school. We supported each other through stages of our lives.  We got closer and closer til we became alter ego's of each other.  Now both of us are happily married, and our kids are good friends.

Nicole entered our lives a little later.  I was in search of a photographer to shoot my collection, and she was a new convert looking for Islamic work.  God brought us together. Ever since then we found so much in common that we decided to stick together and face whatever challenges life may bring, together.

Whenever I think of friendship, other than the "I Love Lucy" episode, I think of  the Turkish proverb:

"Bana arkadasini goster, sana kim oldugunu soyleyim."


"Show me who your friend is, and I'll tell you who you are!".

I love this proverb because the meaning in it is so deep, that it makes you wonder. How many of our friends can fit into this description? Would we want them to stand in our place and represent us? Could they be our alter ego?

I can proudly say that my friends represent who I am.  When I look at them I see who I want to be, where I want to be, and my love for God.

They are a mere image of myself in the mirror.  And that indeed is not easy to find...

We would love to hear your thoughts on friendship...

Till Next Time...

Elif Kavakci for HijabiTopia

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